About us

INTACE is specialized in the formulation and application of fungicides and biocides for the paper, board, non-woven, textile and plastic industries. INTACE is also a distributor of other chemical products adding value to these segments. These include fluorine resins from DuPont de Nemours as well as release and adhesion promoting coatings from Zaclon LLC.

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Global Distribution

Our customers are global. As a result, INTACE is present on all continents. Our distribution network allows direct delivery anywhere in the world, to mills, printers and coaters, insuring rapid service and shortened lead times. We are currently delivering our products to more than 90 countries.

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Contact us

Do you have a question about one of our products? Do need a product sample, a quotation, onsite service, technical assistance, quantitative or qualitative testing? Please send your inquiry by e-mail or via our contact form. We will be responding as quickly as possible.

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