Quilon® & Volan®: Release and Adhesion Products

INTACE distributes Quilon® and Volan® for Zaclon.


The family of Quilon products are chemical treatments that impart release or water repellency to various surfaces. Quilon is used to treat paper, film and leather to give both adhesive release and water repellency in hot or cold temperatures. Primary applications are bakery pan liner, glassine paper, casting base paper for artificial leather, candy wrappers and masking tape. Other useful properties include cross linking of polymers for enhanced durability, anti-static finishes, and grease resistance when used with certain water-soluble polymers. Quilon is both Kosher, FDA and BfR XXXVI and BfR XXXVI/2 approved.


Volan is a chemical bonding agent used to prepare inorganic surfaces for the adhesion of various resins. It is commonly used to prepare carbon and glass fiber and fabric, micro spheres, pigments, metals, and other surfaces that are to be painted or bonded with adhesives.




Quilon® and Volan® are registered trademarks of Zaclon LLC.

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