• Application Know-How: INTACE chemical engineers have more than 30 years of experience applying our formulations on paper, non-woven, textile and board machines, off machine coaters and printing presses. They will assist you – on site- with application, trialing and production.

  • Global Presence: INTACE distributes worldwide, can insure timely deliveries and react quickly to local demands. We are present on all continents.

  • Testing Services:  INTACE can provide both quantitative and qualitative testing. We can confirm the quantity of product retained in the base substrate. INTACE can also identify the specific species of mold or microbial contamination and propose the most effective solution.

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  • Formulation Expertise: INTACE is using the latest technology in high capacity wet milling equipment to produce a wide range of organic chemicals. INTACE has developed significant expertise in the production of very fine particle aqueous suspensions. Formulations are produced with closely controlled particle size distribution, and designed for maximum effectiveness. Formulas can be modified to better meet specific customer needs and requirements.

  • Marketing: INTACE formulations are approved by end users in a very broad range of segments including building materials, apparel, packaging and security papers, to name some. The end user approval process is often long, technically demanding and costly. Our products and technical support can dramatically shorten the approval process, reduce the costs, and facilitate your entry into these businesses.