Multi-Purpose Biocide

INTACE has a range of multi-purpose biocides for in can preservation of paints & coatings, adhesives, binder dispersions.

They are also used to prevent microbiological growth in slurries, lattices, starch solutions and other water based liquids.

They exist in a combination of active ingredients to answer your specific request of protection against bacteria, fungi, yeast or algae.


INTACE offers a product line of specialty biocides, complementing its fungicide and bactericide product range.

INTACE has a range of bactericides/fungicides that can be applied as slimicides to eliminate bacteria, fungi and yeast in the paper production process.

The application of small amounts of these products will prevent bacterial and fungal contamination of water-based additives on the paper machine system. This will improve the operation of the paper machine by preventing spots and discoloration of the paper due to the bioburden (slimes) appearing in the paper machine circuits.