Welcome To INTACE

INTACE is a leading manufacturer of fungicides and biocides for the protection of paper, board, non-wovens, textiles and plastic.

Founded in 1980, INTACE has extensive expertise and application know-how on paper, non-woven, textile and board machines, off machine coaters and printing presses.

INTACE can identify species of mold, bacteria and viruses in its laboratories and recommend specific treatment.

Headquartered in Paris with offices on several continents, INTACE products are used worldwide.

INTACE has been associated with DuPont de Nemours for 20 years and represents DuPont as an agent for the Capstone® product line and fluorinated resins in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and South Africa .

INTACE acts as global distributor for Quilon and Volan, release and adhesion products for (food contact) paper, board and high-tech fibers, manufactured by Zaclon Incorp.




RICHARD C. JOHNSON, Chairman of INTACE, received an M.B.A. from HARVARD UNIVERSITY and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. He was employed as a chemical engineer in the U.S. by STAUFFER CHEMICAL and ROHM & HAAS before moving to Europe in 1967. He served in a management capacity with DREW CHEMICAL COMPANY in Rotterdam and Hamburg for eight years, followed by five years with a subsidiary of MERCK & CO in Brussels, before founding INTACE S.A. in 1980, in Paris.